COVID-19 is satisfaction of Fr. Mbaka’s prescience – Ministry discharges subtleties

The Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, has come out with a report that the worldwide lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic was anticipated by its otherworldly chief, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

This was contained in the service’s legitimate news release, and made accessible to DAILY POST by the representative, Barr. Maximus Ugwuoke.

He said in the report that Fr. Mbaka had likewise given predictions on a few issues influencing Nigeria, and that every one of them happened.

Ugwuoke said numerous individuals were prone to assault the minister at whatever point he discharged predictions as opposed to looking for arrangements.

He explicitly implied that Fr. Mbaka made predictions on the pandemic while conveying separate messages on 24th June and eighth July, 2015.

He included that there were likewise follow up predictions on the pandemic and the desolating hunger during Mbaka’s message at the hybrid night to this year, 2020.

The report from the service read to some degree:

“At the Crossover night to this year 2020, Fr Mbaka revealed in his 40 prophetic supplication focuses ‘A great deal of things will occur in this year 2020 that will change the definition, the portrayal, the shading and the approach and even the example of organization in Nigeria. What will happen is past human count.’

“In Feb 2020, he uncovered that he saw a dream where fly-like animals were coming out of an opening in huge numbers and smelling individuals and individuals were running willy nilly covering their noses and couldn’t discover wellbeing anyplace.

“The current passing and craving which the COVID-19 pandemic has tossed the world into was forecasted by Fr Mbaka five years prior, in the year 2015 definitely, on 24th June and eighth July 2015 in his video messages titled “Debacle is coming” and “Ask against Death and Famine” individually. Fr Mbaka and the admirers in the congregation that day shed tears as Fr Mbaka conveyed the message. The following were his accurate words:

“Tune in to this message, a period of death and starvation is tied in with coming. Tune in to this message, a starvation time and a period of death is tied in with coming. Passing and starvation are two awful conjugal accomplices. When demise turns into the man and starvation turns into the spouse and they conceive an offspring what will be the name of their youngster? I am arguing, anyone is allowed to assault this message or dishonor it, however recollect that all I have forecasted none neglected to work out.

” I am on my knees begging anybody tuning in to this message to begin dealing with the much or little you have now. Try not to feel that it will keep on being admirably along these lines. The night is going to come around early afternoon. Demise and craving is tied in with entering the land. Please whoever will tune in to this message I argue that you start to oversee well what you have. Try not to believe that this ideal time will proceed with like this. A season is coming; it will resemble haziness in the day time. Passing and starvation are coming to hit the land. In any case, I spread the offspring of God with the blood of Jesus.

“Starvation time and passing time calls for supplications. With petitions, we can turn away the demise season and the starvation season. I am forecasting assurance in this season of death appearance. I appeal to God for security upon the Children of God in this season as death is in transit. I supplicate that the Holy Spirit will control me in this prophetic season to convey without including or subtracting whatever the Holy Spirit uncovers. Hear me out, my kin. a risky season is coming. We resemble individuals sitting on a barrel of stacked black powder. Any incidental release of fire will bring about a shocking blast and the possible circumstance will be awfully terrible. All we are imploring is that God will manage us with intelligence. Starvation is coming. Demise is getting ready to assault and strike.

“Sublime Father, we appeal to God for Divine arrangement. Again during the appearance of the Ebola Epidemic, You gave us the Divine Solution. You assaulted Ebola without anyone else. The hour has come back once more. There is another horrendous vision of mass demise, passing in quantum with awful starvation. We remain in the intensity of your statement in Psalm 33:18-19, father, your Word says that your eyes are upon your kids who put their trust in you for you will keep them alive from death and starvation. You will convey us since you are kind. We petition God for our liberation from death and starvation. May God convey our families from death and starvation.

“What is coming is a respecter of no one. It will assault An and B. It will attempt to come to the’ Z’ however I realize that God won’t permit it to wreck all. There must be a leftover. There must be an enduring Joseph. There must be a visionary, Joseph. There must be visional Joseph. There must be a fantasy mediator, Joseph. There must be a prophetic Joseph. Father, give us Joseph in this time. May all the holy places in this world have brave Josephs who will have the option to report, decipher, broadcast and have the option to convey about the extraordinary magnetism and prophetic translation of whatever the Holy Spirit uncovers. May God do this for us and take the magnificence.

“We have to supplicate hard. Voice of petitions ought to be all over. Everyone must be a hole character. Ezekiel 22:30 says ‘I searched for who will be remaining on the hole and I discovered no one. May God raise for us as of now individuals that will remain in the hole for us right now. Since at that season, yearning will hit the congregation and spots of love. Individuals will be searching for where to hear the expression of God.

“At the point when this season we are forecasting would come, many will be poor people in families that are progressing nicely. Numerous that were banks will be borrowers. Something will occur in the land, numerous individuals are going to cry. There are tears to a great extent in the Spiritual. We are appealing to God for God to mediate. Father, it would be ideal if you intercede, Jesus mediate, Holy Spirit mediate.

“The land is getting more blazing and more sizzling. Everywhere throughout the land, the North, South, East and West will hear the sound. There will be howling and tears everywhere throughout the land. Passing and starvation wherever Holy Adonai, show up and spare us. No one but Jesus can spare us right now.

“At that season that is uncovered, individuals will be hesitant to go to chapel. The contribution crate will be vacant and ministers and ministers will be eager. Individuals will be searching for ministers and clerics to lecture them. A horrendous opportunity is approaching. I am asking with the might that is prophetic under otherworldly modesty. As a cleric of God, I am remaining here at the hole for my kin. Father at this season, the Priests will become conciliatory components. Numerous clerics at this season may become saints. It is a period of slaughter. Please Holy God, in your heavenliness and honesty turn away this threat. There will be hunger in the homestead, hunger in the Banks, hunger in families and appetite in the congregation, however the entryway of hellfire will not win.

“Toward the finish of the dramatization, God will develop a powerful arrangement. I supplicate that we will be alive to encounter the finish of the story in light of the fact that the season is terrible, the season is sinister, the hour is evil. Jesus says that the entire world is under the hand of the abhorrent one. Goodness Lord spare us. In Matthew 1:21, your name is Jesus since you will spare your kin. Spare us O Lord Jesus. If it’s not too much trouble convey us, in your name, may we hear farewell to starvation and to this passing.

“Many can’t perceive what we are seeing now, it is an awful opportunity that is coming. What is coming may oppose each human arrangement, each political arrangement, each military arrangement. America can’t discover an answer over it. Many will cry, many will run from North toward the South, man will run harum scarum to where? Where is the spot of rest and wellbeing?

“Do noble cause, do good cause quick. Go to the asylum, stay in the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapels, supplicate and ask and ask. No one but God can deflect this calamity that is coming. The tide is going to occur, many blood are going to be squandered; no one but Jesus can spare us. What has never happened needs to begin occurring, there are tears in the entire land no one but Jesus can spare us. The land is loaded up with tears and wretchedness in the families, there are passings left and right, no one but Jesus can spare us.

“On the off chance that you will help those that you are better than, if the rich ought to recollect the poor it will spare us. In the event that this isn’t done the rodents and reptiles will be on the run. That individual that is believing that he is rich today isn’t sure on the off chance that he would be alive to appreciate that riches. Individuals will run from better places. God convey us. There will be confusion from the spots of Leadership, Churches and commercial centers. Appetite is coming. In the event that you lack the capacity to deal with the expression of God, start to have it now. On the off chance that you lack the capacity to deal with Holiness of life, start to have it now. It will come like a criminal; numerous who are chuckling now are going to cry. It is a perilous time. It is a dangerous season.

“Nursing moms would state had I realized I would not have conveyed at this season, pregnant mother would state had I realized I would not have been pregnant at this season. Individuals would state on the off chance that I had realized I would not have gone to the market that day, some would state had I realized I would not have gone to the congregation that day. Convey us O Lord from the day of had I known, in Jesus name.

“Release the clerics of God to the asylum for a forceful supplication battle. Jesus in the sanctuary is holding on to see us supplicating. For in Isaiah 30:18, he will give us his leniency and He will be generous to us when we cry to Him. In Isaiah 69:9, He will cry with us and send His Angel of Deliverance. In the book of Jeremiah 39:18, He guaranteed us redemption. In Psalm 68:20 your statement says that you will convey us from death. Convey us from this fast approaching demise, O God of Host.”

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