COVID-19: Coronavirus now in 20 states in Nigeria

At least 20 states in Nigeria have recorded COVID-19 cases.

This follows the latest update from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Saturday.

A total of 13 new cases were confirmed.

A breakdown shows that eleven are in Lagos, one in Delta and one in Kano.

It is the first time Kano and Ondo would be included in the statistics.

In total, there are 318 confirmed cases. 70 patients have been discharged, while ten are dead.

Lagos still has the highest number of cases with 174. FCT is next with 56; Osun, 20; Edo, 12 and Oyo, 11.

Bauchi and Kaduna have six cases, Akwa Ibom, five; Katsina, four; Delta, three; Ogun, seven, while Enugu, Ekiti, Rivers, Kwara and Ondo have two cases each.

Benue, Niger, Anambra and Kano have one case each.

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